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I'm working on a gwt application in Eclipse. I'm having this error when I try to instantiate a MultiUploader. The code that creates it is in an event handler:

eventBus.addHandler(JobCreationEvent.TYPE, new JobCreationEventHandler(){
        public void onCreateJob(JobCreationEvent event) {
            final PopupPanel uploadPopupPanel = new PopupPanel(true);
            MultiUploader uploader = new MultiUploader(FileInputType.CUSTOM.with(new CustomUploadPanel(), true), eventBus);

Everything compiles and runs fine, but when I cause that event to be fired during runtime, this error happens (and the uploader doesn't come up, of course). It says the error is on line 1.

Here's the MultiUploader:

package gwtupload.client;
/* import statements */
/* description comments */

public class MultiUploader extends Composite implements IUploader {

public Widget getWidget() {
    return this;
/* rest of the class */ }

Line 1 is the package statement. This seems to be very similar to the problem here Syntax error on token "Invalid Character", delete this token, but his solution doesn't work for me. In fact, there used to be a bunch more comments above the package statement, and I deleted them all. I've also tried copying the entire class into notepad, deleting the whole class, saving it, then pasting it back from notepad.

Also, another weird thing I noticed: whenever I would make a trivial change like a comment deletion or entering a new line, Eclipse's "Hot Swap Code Replace Failed" dialog comes up. I thought that only happened for big changes like method refactors and whatnot...

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"Hot Swap Code Replace Failed" is just eclipse saying that it couldn't modify GWT's specialized classloader - refreshing the browser is required to swap classes correctly. Ignore the error, click continue, and just refresh the browser to see the changes. –  Colin Alworth Feb 22 '12 at 18:32

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