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I am working on the graphical user interface of a machine. It uses comboboxes in a window that can be redrawn at any time in the main thread, outside the main loop (using the idle_add function inside the gtk-lock). This will happen when a certain button -a real one, not a widget- is pressed on the machine. If this happens while the combobox is open, I get a Gtk-Warning: assertion 'WIDGET REALIZED FOR EVENT' failed and my program hungs.

I tried to add the code:

    while gtk.events_pending():

but this didn't solve the problem.

I have been looking for functions like combo.is_open() or combo.close() but they don't seem to exist. The signals related to a combo are 'changed','move-active','pop-up' and 'pop-down' but the first is only sent when a text is selected in the combo and the other ones are keybinding signals.

Is there any way to check if a combo is open (has been selected) ?

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Use the popup-shown property.

The documentation even tells you to connect to notify::popup-shown which sounds like just what you need.

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Thanks! I also found in your documentation the function gtk_combo_box_popdown() to close the combo. So this solves my problem.. –  sarah vb Feb 24 '12 at 9:05

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