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I have a managed .NET application. I am attempting to get all the process modules that are loaded by a current process so I can figure out what the Base address of these modules are. However when I use the System.Diagnostics.Process.Modules function, I am not getting any of my C# modules back. However, I am getting C++/CLI modules back which is weird because it's all the .NET framework.

The project that I am calling the System.Diagnostics.Process.Modules from references all of my dll's and uses them, however they're just not showing up in the module collection.

Any advice ?

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Looks like this is a bug in .Net 4.0 that didn't get fixed

Here is some what some used for a work around

After more research ... I want to improve on my answer. This is a fact a bug in .Net 4.0. I knew I had done it before but it was in Dot Net 3.5 and it works with Managed and UnManaged

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Edited to include work around for using dot net 3.5 instead of 4.0 – Micah Armantrout Feb 22 '12 at 22:46

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