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Is there any way to use Fn or super (windows) to define new keyboard shortcut in PhpStorm? (Almost all key combinations are allocated right now)

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Most likely you can't do it directly since Java will not recognize such key codes, however there is a workaround using third-party tools like AutoHotkey.

The idea is to map a keyboard shortcut that is not recognized by Java to the one that is recognized but is not already used because it's hard to type manually.

For example, to map Win+N to Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Z use the following script in AutoHotkey:


Now you can map any action to Win+N in PhpStorm Settings | Keymap.

Abilty to use Fn key would depend on the particular keyboard. If this key sends separate key code that can be recognized by Autohotkey, then you can map it the way described above. My Logitech keyboard has Fn key that doesn't send a key code and therefore cannot be used. However, I was able to map ALT GR key (right alt) using AppsKey in AutoHotkey.

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