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I am trying to build a database with multiple tables in MVC. I built a model.cs with the table attributes and let Entity Framework do its thing. Now I want to create a new table in the same database and link them.

I have tried "creating new table" in the database where my previous table exists. This hands out a type-mismatch exception, invalid key exception, etc...

I also tried adding a new class within the model and tying it to the context...that doesn't help either...

code looks SOMETHING like this....

namespace bleh.bleh
    public partial class T1
        //.....attributes primary key

    public class T2
        //...attributes foreign key to T1

    public class TEntity : DbContext
        public DbSet<T1> Tab1....
        public DbSet<T2> Tab2....

Please advise...

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I don't think EF has any way to update a database to match changes to your model. You'll probably need to delete the database and re-create it, making sure to back up any data you want to keep. –  Dave Feb 22 '12 at 19:18
@john: thx bro!! I was considering integrating NHibernate to reconfigure my db and...u think dat would be any good? –  aromore Feb 22 '12 at 19:48
Is this EF 4.3? If so, you could take a look at Code-Based Migrations. –  Gert Arnold Feb 22 '12 at 20:51

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Here's the solution I found: add the following line in the StartApplication method of the global.asax file:

Database.SetInitializer<FTContext>(new DropCreateDatabaseIfModelChanges<FTContext>());
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