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I am running into this sqlachemy error that I haven't been able to understand:

    sqlalchemy.exc.InvalidRequestError: SQL expression, column, or mapped entity expected - got '<class '__main__.JobRecord'>'

What does this error mean? What are possible causes?

This is the method that triggers the error:

def find_job_record_from_pk(cls, pk):
    return the job record with the given pk
    job_record = MlcDb.get_session().query(cls).filter(cls.pk == pk).first()
    return job_record 


def define_mapping(cls):
    SQLAlchemy mapping definition
    cls.mapper = mapper(cls, cls.table, 
        polymorphic_on = cls.table.c.item_type, 
        properties = {
        'item_type': synonym('_JobRecord__item_type', map_column=True),
        'version': synonym('_JobRecord__version', map_column=True),
        'state': synonym('_JobRecord__state', map_column=True),
        'date_created' : synonym( '_JobRecord__date_created', map_column=True ) }
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Please provide the original code which create problem. Your code is in segments so we cant generate same error to solve it. If we can create the same error then we can solve it. –  Lafada Feb 23 '12 at 4:56
also, show the full stack trace, not just the last line. –  SingleNegationElimination May 28 '12 at 19:45

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try filter_by(pk = pk) instead

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