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How do i create this with $this->formSelect() ?

<select multiple>
    <optgroup label="a">
    <optgroup label="b">
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For the Zend_Form_Element_Select() it goes like this

$multiOptions = array(
  'Group A' => array(1 => 'First Value',2 => 'Second Value A),
  'Group B' => array(3 => 'Third Value'),


Note that you also have addMultiOption($option,$value) and addMultiOptions($options). Simply include the value or options in an additional array.

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How can i have Group A also a ID? like 001 –  YumYumYum Feb 23 '12 at 7:47
#Google Not sure what you mean with ID. An optgroup is not a item you can select. In Zend the key for an array Group A becomes a label and the label looks like a title in the drop down menu. See W3Schools –  Adrian World Feb 23 '12 at 13:55
I am interested in the question being answered using XML, as it was requested, which would be useful with Zend_Config_XML and Zend_Form_Element –  axiom82 Jun 24 '14 at 16:11
Nobody asked for it in XML... –  i-CONICA Mar 4 at 9:22

In Zend Framework 2 this can be done as follows:

            'empty_option'=>'Please Select'


please note that an option named empty_options doesn't exist instead empty_option should be used.

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@DrCord I don't think you should have accepted the suggested edit - it should have been a comment. –  ace Jul 3 at 23:10
maybe part of could have been a comment but the edit to the actual code that makes it working for users to copy paste as they are prone to do was a worthwhile edit. –  DrCord Jul 3 at 23:11
@DrCord Even so, the first sentence shouldn't be here. –  ace Jul 3 at 23:12
I moved it to the end. I don't agree it should be removed, how does it hurt the answer? if the answer that was here was only a typo then this won't help anyone but if it was because of a bad piece of code somewhere out there that users are using to tutorial from or something then this will certainly help many people... –  DrCord Jul 3 at 23:18

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