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I have a String Hello This is a String. I need to explode it in PHP only for the First White Space. How is that possible?

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set limit parameter

print_r(explode(' ', $str, 2));


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just call

explode(' ',$s, 2)

this will create an array with at most 2 elements

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explode(' ', $your_string, 2)

See more: explode()

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I'm assuming you mean a space character for this answer. instead of thinking in terms of explode() you should think in terms of "find the first character and split the string there."

$pos = strpos($inputString, ' ');
$part1 = substr($inputString, 0, $pos);
$part2 = substr($inputString, $pos+1);
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An alternative to explode

$str   = 'Hello This is a String';
$parts = preg_split('/(\s)/', $str, PREG_SPLIT_DELIM_CAPTURE);
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