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What is a corect way of adding if/else c# statement within javascript code?

 <script type="text/javascript">
            var test = "<%=if(btn1.Text=="a") btn1.Text else "N/A" %>";
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You can use single quotes in javascript:

var test = '<%=if(btn1.Text=="a") btn1.Text else "N/A" %>';
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You can also escape the double quotes as an alternative so it would be var test = "<%=if(btn1.Text==\"a\") btn1.Text else \"N/A\" %>"; –  James Hay Feb 22 '12 at 20:52
This works fine, is there a way of making this work in separate JS file, not from aspx page? –  user194076 Feb 22 '12 at 20:56
Not without alot of hacking around or a custom solution. You could create a hidden field in files importing the script that the script grabs the value of or set the value as a property of the document via JavaScript within the files importing the script. –  Joshua Enfield Feb 22 '12 at 20:59
You could store the value of btn1.Text in a <input id="btn1Value" type="hidden"/>, and then get the value of that input from your external script file. –  jrummell Feb 22 '12 at 21:00

Your question is vague: However, from context I am assuming you are talking about using an if else relationship and printing the results in a View within a JavaScript block using ASP.NET which in this case a ternary operator would do what you are looking for - not 100% sure you need to change the quotes like the above answer recommends, but that may also be needed:

var test = "<%= btn1.Text=="a"? btn1.Text: "N/A" %>";
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I would use a combination of the two previous answers and use single quotes and the ternary operator

var test = '<% btn1.Text == "a" ? btn1.Text : "N/A" %>'

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