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So that title was confusing. Let me tell you my needs: I'm wanting to open a batch file that is located in c:\documents\test\

in this batch file i'm wanting to collect the names in c:\documents\test\data and convert it to a text file.

Now the easy way to do this would be:

CD c:\documents\test\data
dir/b/o:n > names.txt

but my issue is that i want to move the folder "\test" around and always be able to call on the names in the "\data" file.

Therefore this is what i really need:

CD [variable that says current location] + "\data"

but i dont know how to do this. Please explain your answers thanks.

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Are you saying you want to be able to know the location of the file no matter where you move it? – MysticXG Feb 22 '12 at 21:09
Yes but see below, my issue is when i open the batch from vba, it opens it prompting in a different directory than where it was saved. – Jason Feb 22 '12 at 21:22

%~dp0 is the location of the batch file (Run FOR /? for more info)

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the . character represents the current working directory... does

cd .\data

do what you need?

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Ok, apparently this wasn't the issue. my issue is that when i open my batch file in vba, the command prompt opens up for example c:\windows and so my batch commands wont work. however when i go to the batch file itself and double click it, it works. This is cause when i open this batch file, the command window defaults to where the batch file is saved at. How do i get around this when opening batch files in VBA? – Jason Feb 22 '12 at 21:16

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