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Hi have somewhat success full made tow diagrams, a pie diagram and a horizontal bar diagram but I have tow problems with labels on both.

On my pie diagram, on some combination the labels overlapping

Example of overlapping in pie diagram

How can I ensure the labels not overlapping.

I also have labels problem with my horizontal bar diagram, I using

 BarItem.CreateBarLabels( myPane,false, ""); 

and get the following result

Bar digram

How can I remove the zero, and only get the last values for the bars?

I tried search the net, and tried the suggestion here on smilarity topic, and tried many thing,

BarItem.CreateBarLabels( myPane,false, "0f");

BarItem.CreateBarLabels( myPane,false, "0f0");

tried changing the string format, nothing seem to help.

Trid changin the angle of the labels

myPie=myPane.AddPieSlice(yz[tel], Color.Orange, Color.DarkOrange, 45f, 0, navn + " - " + yz[tel].ToString() );

myPie=myPane.AddPieSlice(yz[tel], Color.Orange, Color.DarkOrange, 90f, 0, navn + " - " + yz[tel].ToString() );

myPie=myPane.AddPieSlice(yz[tel], Color.Orange, Color.DarkOrange, 45f, 22, navn + " - " + yz[tel].ToString() );

But nothing seems to help, some have some idea to

  • Ensure no labels overlapping in my pie-diagram
  • Only show max value for my horizontal bar diagram.

Thank you.

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