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Using Storyboard in iOS 5, I added a uitableview into an existing view controller with static cells, but when I run the app, the tableview does not show up. Everything else on the view loads fine.

How can I display the uitableview with static cells as a subview on a regular view controller?

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New to iOS development, but from what I understand static cells only work within a UITableViewController.

Are you receiving the following error message:

Static table views are only valid when embedded in UITableViewController instances
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There are several reasons for a non-working tableview:

  • you didn't set the datasource and the delegate

  • you didn't fill the numberOfRowsInSection method

  • you're not returning valid cells in cellForRowAtIndexPath

What does your code look like?

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Datasource and delegate are unassigned, I was under the impression since they are static cells they don't need a datasource. Wrong? If they are static cells built in the storyboard, what is their to return in code? – adam0101 Feb 23 '12 at 0:35

this tutorial series may help you a lot..everything explained neatly tutorial ios feast tableview with storyboard in ios5

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