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Can anyone please tell me what the proper command is to run a *.sh file using the cron job manager on GoDaddy? I had it working a while back and I'm not sure why it stopped working. I thought I had just disabled it, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I tried contacting GoDaddy, but they won't support "3rd party scripts," whatever that means.

Here is my test.sh file:

echo "this is a test..." >> test.txt

Here is a list of all the commands I've tried without success:

(PLEASE NOTE: all of the following have been tried with the $HOME variable and by replacing the $HOME variable with the full path...Also, all examples with quotes have been tried without quotes)

/bin/sh "$HOME/html/bin/test.sh"
"/bin/sh $HOME/html/bin/test.sh"
sh "$HOME/html/bin/test.sh"
"sh $HOME/html/bin/test.sh"

I've even tried simple things like:

  1. echo "hello" >> test.txt

But this proved to not run either.

I made sure to setup the email address and I still don't get any emails even stating that the cron job failed.

When I SSH into the server I notice there are two files:

  1. crontab
  2. crontab.disabled

I thought these might have some internal issue, so I deleted them and let them be re-created with no still no luck.

Please don't send me to the GoDaddy help files because they're not helpful at all.

Thanks in advanced,

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You really need to ask them to check their cron logs to find out if the cronjob is even firing. They don't assist with 3rd party scripts, but they should at least be able to verify crond is running, and properly attempting to execute your scripts. If this is not the case, find a new host. –  jordanm Feb 22 '12 at 21:24
You should boycott Godaddy. –  dan-klasson Feb 23 '12 at 8:46
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I talked to our hosting support about your question. Based on the information provided, your bash script should of worked without issue. This needs further troubleshooting. Please contact our hosting support at (480)463-8856 or create a ticket at http://x.co/mail asking for troubleshooting of crond. Hope this helps.

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It did end up being an issue on GoDaddy's side. I contacted them again and they have fixed it by this morning. Thank you, James and jordanm, for the suggestion! –  joseph4tw Feb 23 '12 at 14:20
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