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If i give input as 1 or 2, regardless of that program goes in default. Tried comparing input with "1" and 1 both. Same result. My first Ruby program, plz excuse for naivety.


def getInfo
  puts "Info"

def getMoreInfo
  puts "MoreInfo"

def switch
        if $choice == "1" #intentionally in ""
        elsif $choice == 2 #intentionally without ""
          puts "default"

def callMainMenu
        puts "Choose the operation:"
        puts "[1] Get some Info"
        puts "[2] Get some moreInfo"

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Thank you so much Everyone :) It worked...choosing "bdon" as the answer since it was the first reply! Thank you All!! – rajya vardhan Feb 22 '12 at 22:03
as a matter of ruby style... just don't use globals $. – DGM Feb 22 '12 at 23:15

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You need to use the destructive version of chomp if you're going to assign it like that.



$choice = $choice.chomp
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In order to debug this, what I'd do is add puts $choice.inspect at the beginning of your switch method to see exactly what's in the variable. That said, I believe the problem here is that you're calling $choice.chomp instead of $choice.chomp!. The former will return the result, and the latter will change the variable in place.

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When you change $choice.chomp to $choice.chomp! and get rid of the // (change those to #), then you'll have something working. Keep refining it , it is not perfect yet.

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Use $choice.chomp!. chomp without ! does not alter $choice. It returns a new string. This a naming convention in Ruby.

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