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I'm at a bit of a loss here, forgive me if this has already been asked - i've have searched google high and low but i cant find anything?

i'm trying to rotate a group of sprites that are generated in a class, then rotating this object in the main gamescene on a menuitem click but the rotation is not at the center of the sprite? it a some larger area probably the layer size?

I've tried setting the anchorpoint to every possible combination?

Here is what iv got

This is the gamecharacter.h

    #define COMPUTE_X(x) ((abs(x)) * 16) + (16*2) + (16/2)
    #define COMPUTE_Y(y) (386 - (abs(y) * 16)) + (16/2)
    #define COMPUTE_X_Y(x,y) ccp( COMPUTE_X(x), COMPUTE_Y(y))

    // Game character class
    #include "cocos2d.h"
    using namespace cocos2d;

    //a class to encapsulate playable game character by creating a group of sprites etc..


    class GameCharacter : public CCNode {


    //some private methods etc....


    void addSprite(const char* filename);
    void setInitialPosition(CCPoint* position);

    //Various other methods.........



    void GameCharacter::addSprite(const char* filename)
    //go get the sprite sheet
    CCTexture2D* gameArtTexture = CCTextureCache::sharedTextureCache()->addPVRImage("SpriteSheet.pvr.ccz");
    CCSprite *tempBlock = CCSprite::spriteWithSpriteFrameName(filename);

    void GameCharacter::setInitialPosition(CCPoint* position)
    //loop through the positions and set the character up
    CCArray *children = this->getChildren();
    CCSprite *currentBlock;
    for (int i=0;i<7;i++){
    currentBlock = (CCSprite*) children->objectAtIndex(i);
    //compute x y grid positions (1,1) ---> to real (72,394)

    This is the gamecharacter.cpp

    void GameScene::AddCharacter(CCPoint* position)
    const char* filename;

    GameCharacter* character = new GameCharacter();

    for (int i = 0; i < 7; i++) {
    filename = helperFunctions::Format("character%d.png",i+1); //character1.png -> character7.png

    this->addChild((CCSprite*) character,-1,2);
    _sprite = character;

    //here is the menuitem click handler
    void GameScene::menuRotateRightCallback(CCObject* pSender)
    //rotate the character right
    //really slowly so we can see whats happening



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It is much easier to do, using

x = center.x + cos(angle) * radius;
y = center.y + sin(angle) * radius;
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Ive figured it out, looking at the docs for CCNode made me think.

CCNode has a position of (0,0) by default, so the rotation was using this as an origin.

Setting the position to the center of where i want the character with a bit of maths to calculate the offsets works for me.

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