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I have a Login control login1. When an user login his username and password, I want to display error message if something wrong. By this link, we can easily fire an event by Login1_LoginError. However for some reason, our code always use Login1_Authenticate. Sample code:

protected void Login1_Authenticate(object sender, AuthenticateEventArgs e) 
        bool UserAuthenticated = false; 
        MembershipProvider AuthenticationProviderUsed = null; 
        RoleProvider roleProvider = Roles.Providers["SqlRoleProvider"]; 
        MembershipUser user = Membership.GetUser(login1.UserName); 
        if (user != null && user.IsLockedOut) 
         \\ display error message

My question is can I use the code inside the Login1_Authenticate enent? Because it used to be inside Login1_LoginError event.


Login1.FailureText = "Your account has been locked out blah blah....."; 
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The Login.Authenticate Event will be fired off every time there is an attempt to authenticate; it is where you can provide custom authentication. In this event, you should perform authentication and set e.Authenticated to true or false. Likely, if you set it to false, you'll get to your Login1_LoginError handler. However, you can handle the failure to authenticate properly in the Login1_Authenticate handler without issue - you do not have to use Login1_LoginError.

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