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I can't seem to operate from my localhost. I'm trying to use the FB javascript SDK. My URL is http://localhost:8888. In my App settings I have already defined my site URL as "http://localhost:8888". The domain I specified was "localhost". I'm trying to pull my name using FB.api but it keeps on showing "undefined". I wonder if anyone has this problem too.

I am operating on my Mac, using MAMP.

I've tried not using the SDK. I tried just using client-side validation as described here:


And it works fine. I am able to display my name. But there's just something up with the SDK I can't figure out.

Help appreciated.

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Can you try on port 80 and see if it works? I know not defining a port on localhost will work for app settings, I've just never tried with a specified port #. If port 80 doesn't work for you, then you have more work to do in your config to get it straightened out. If port 80 does work, while 8888 does not, then you'll know that Facebook doesn't allow that in it's configuration. –  DMCS Feb 23 '12 at 0:20
Can you include the JS you are using to try using the FB.api call? –  bantic Mar 27 '12 at 19:12

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