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I just installed qt creator sdk and the windows debug thing. When I try to debug the debugger comes with the warning:

Preferred debugger engine for debugging binaries of type 'x86-windows-msys-pe-23bit' is not available. The debugger engine Cdb engine will be used as a fallback Details: There is no gdb binary available for binaries in format 'x86-windows-msys-pe-32bit' Then the program start building.

When I set breakpoints into the program the debugger won't stop at de breakpoints. I've tried a lot of things to let the debugger work properly but nothing has helped so far. If anybody has a suggestion please let me know. I think it maybe has something to do with the compiler I'm using which is something like mingw but i have no idea how to set another compiler or something like that

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Since you do not know msys, most likely you do not need the msys compiler, try mingw compiler itself from here. make sure to install gcc, and gdb.

Since you did not mention I assume it is Windows, as a side note, if gdb gave you headache on Windows please use the mingw version bundled with Code::Blocks it is probably older though (look for the one that comes with mingw bundled).

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You need to get either gdb/cdb installed with Qt to be able to debug your code. Try editing the options in Tools->Options in Qt Creator and pointing to correct gdb paths. That should solve this problem. There are other options available there to configure the gdb options in the settings dialog.

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