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Are there good algorithm videos that complement or go further than this excellent MIT course? I'm looking to improve my knowledge to tackle some Project Euler and Interview Street questions.

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Check this out, the lecture notes and assignment in my opinion are much better than Project Euler or InterviewStreet. Advanced Algorithms

Advanced Data Structures at MIT Spring 2012:

and a youtube link I referred while doing one of this lectures Youtube

MIT Class

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Maybe codegolf could be interesting for you.


Also I like to watch the Google Tech Talks


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You could also try iTunes U. If you open up iTunes and go to the iTunes store, you'll find a link with iTunes U on the top menu. From there, choose "Science" and then search for "algorithms". The courses seem to mostly be about introduction to algorithms but there are others such as Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Fall, 2008).

In general, I've found iTunes U to be quite a useful complement to other resources and it's great because there are a number of different subjects on there.

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