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I have code on a compute node of a cluster. I can't ssh directly to the compute node so I first set up an ssh tunnel with

ssh -f cluster.master.node -L 2222:cluster.compute.node:22 -N.

Next I visit the file with

C-x C-f /ssh:user@localhost#2222/path/to/blah.c.

Finally I do

M-x gdb.

In emacs 23 I would do

Run gdb (like this) gdb --annotate=3/ssh:localhost#2222:/path/to/program

but documentation for the gdb function in emacs 24 says "The command-line options should include -i=mi to use gdb's MI text interface. Note that the old "--annotate" option is no longer supported."


gdb (like this) gdb --i=mi /ssh:loalhost#2222:/path/to/program

seems to work, but when I try to run the program I get "Starting program: /misc/home/joey/git/proteus/proteus /dev/pts/5: No such file or directory." The problems seems to be with the non-existent /misc/ directory prepended to the path of the executable. Even when I do a cd to /home/joey/git/proteus/ the response is "Working directory /home/joey/git/proteus (canonically /misc/home/joey/git/proteus)."

Can I remotely debug my program in Emacs 24 or should I go back to 23?

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Try M-x gud-gdb RET: it will give you the old Emacs-22 behavior.

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Thanks @Stefan this works. –  jrm Feb 23 '12 at 14:47

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