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I am working on Teamcity 6.5.6, and looking for a way to automatically install required ruby GEMS on build agents. For Ex: Suppose I have two gems that are required on each agent/remote (build) machine. Ex: Watir and Selenium gems. Then am I suppose to install them manually by logging on to those machines, or can I do keep them in a common library folder in SVN, and perform some tasks in Teamcity to install them if not present on machine. If so, then What would be that task in Teamcity?


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Take a look at Bundler.

You could maintain a list of your required gems in a Gemfile, then run bundle install on each machine before the build starts. This would install all of the gems in the Gemfile (and you could lock gems to a particular version by also including the Gemfile.lock file).

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Thanks for the info. If you have idea, can you please tell me if this can be done from RAKE task in teamcity (I am just a week old in this)? – Viku Feb 27 '12 at 21:24
Yeah you could write a rake task to run the bundle install command/ – Jamie Penney Feb 27 '12 at 22:48

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