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how to i get a length of Row and Column in c# ?

For Example

int matrix[,]= new int[2,3];

Row length = 2;
Column Length =2 ;
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matrix.GetLength(0)  -> Gets the first dimension size

matrix.GetLength(1)  -> Gets the second dimension size
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Thankx ! Work Fine :) –  Muhammad Faisal Feb 22 '12 at 23:24

Have you looked at the properties of an Array?

  • Length gives you the length of the array (total number of cells).
  • GetLength(n) gives you the number of cells in the specified dimension (relative to 0). If you have a 3-dimensional array:

    int[,,] multiDimensionalArray = new int[21,72,103] ;

    then multiDimensionalArray.GetLength(n) will, for n = 0, 1 and 2, return 21, 72 and 103 respectively.

If you're constructing Jagged/sparse arrays, then the problem is somewhat more complicated. Jagged/sparse arrays are [usually] constructed as a nested collection of arrays within arrays. In which case you need to examine each element in turn. These are usually nested 1-dimensional arrays, but there is not reason you couldn't have, say, a 2d array containing 3d arrays containing 5d arrays.

In any case, with a jagged/sparse structure, you need to use the length properties on each cell.

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Use matrix.GetLowerBound(0) and matrix.GetUpperBound(0).

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