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I have been working away with cygwin to type g++ and ./a.out commands when I noticed netbeans has a terminal window that works the same way. What is that terminal window made from? Is it the same thing as cygwin? What's the difference between cygwin, netbeans terminal, and windows terminal (run->cmd) and why don't g++ and ./a.out work in the windows terminal?

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When I try to start a new local terminal in netbeans under windows I get a message saying cygwin is required.

So I'm going to go with yes :)

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Cygwin is a collection of tools which provide a Linux look and feel environment for Windows, including the C++ compiler g++. Cygwins bash shell (or any other shell) is aware of g++ because it's located in /usr/bin/ which is on the $PATH, a Cygwin environment variable that points to locations of applications. In the Windows file system the location is C:/cygwin/bin/ which is not on the Windows environment PATH therefore cmd does not know about g++.

Netbeans terminal is not an interactive terminal like cmd or bash that lets your issue commands ect. Netbeans terminal simply displays the output of your CLI application that you develop using Netbeans.

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Well, I think there is a slight error here. Netbeans Terminal IS interactive. in fact its a Terminal Emulator. Please don't just answer without proper researching. Regards. –  JeyKeu Sep 4 '13 at 4:45

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