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Android: How can I get the current foreground activity (from a service)?
Optionally starting activities and using notifications from services in Android. Only launch or notify if a certain app is present

If I produce a notification when I get an update in my SyncService, how do I prevent it from appearing if I am already in the activity that uses the new information?

It's kind of like when you use the gmail app, a notification will come when you are outside of the app, but you never see it when you are in it.

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CommonsWare provides a solution to this as an answer to this question.

Specifically, he links to this blog post, which explains the use of ordered broadcasts.

As a not-so-efficient idea, you could implement a broadcast receiver in your activity and service, then before sending the notification, send a broadcast intent to your activity and wait for a response. If you don't get a response, raise the notification.

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