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Okay so I have a script that generated pdf reports from a php page for different clients. At the moment this can only handle one client at a time but I would like to add a while statement to be able to cope when 'ALL' clients are picked from the drop down.

The while should select * contacts from mydatabase.mytable and run through the normal code for each. This is the bit I dont know how to do.

I know its something like this but can't quite remember the syntax...


if ($client_id == 'ALL') {

  $command="php myfile.php $client_id $date_start $date_end > myfile.html";
  exec($command, $output, $status);
  if ($status!=0) {print_r($output); die("wget failed with status $status"); }

  $command="wkhtmltopdf-i386 --margin-left 5mm --margin-right 5mm myfile.html myfile.pdf";
  exec($command, $output, $status);
  if ($status!=0) die("htmltopdf failed");

Any suggestions would be appreciated

Many thanks

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Paste the code you're using for 1 client, please. –  Lior Cohen Feb 23 '12 at 1:05
updated, apologies –  Sam Corbet Feb 23 '12 at 1:15

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A simple if control structure would suffice.

if ('All' == $client_id) {
    // e.g. - generateReport(-1)
    // Your function would look for -1 so it knows to generate for all
else {
    // e.g. - generateReport($client_id);
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If you select ALL contacts from your database, then you should be able to get back an array of some sort, perhaps something like this:

   ['John Smith'] => array( 'company' => 'xyz'),
   ['Anna Citizen'] => array( 'company' => 'abc),

To generate the above array, you can check for "ALL" contacts:

if ($_POST['dropdown'] == "ALL"){
  //generate for ALL
  //generate for 1 contact

Then you can use the foreach loop to iterate through your array for ALL contacts:

foreach ($contacts as $contact => $attributes){
  var_dump($contact); //John Smith
  var_dump($attributes); // array('company' => 'xyz);
  var_dump($attributes['company']); //xyz

  //Do whatever to generate reports.
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