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I'm using backbone-on-rails gem and got the following:


class Crayons.Models.Color extends Backbone.Model
  validate: (attrs) ->
    if attrs.colorname.length == 0 
      return "colorname can't be empty"


class Crayons.Collections.Color extends Backbone.Collection
  url: '/api/colors'

collection is created in a router

  initialize: ->
    @collection = new Crayons.Collections.Color()

Methods in ColorIndex

  createCrayonId: (event) ->
    val = new Crayons.Models.Color()
    val.on("error", @errorHandling);
    val.set(colorname: $('#new_color_name').val())
    @collection.create colorid: val.get("colorname");

  errorHandling: (model, event) ->

I have a simple validation that shows an alert when the length is zero. However, after the alert box, the items are still being added to the collection because of @collection.create colorid: val.get("colorname");

What can I do to stop the collection from adding the results in it when an error has been caught?

Update1 Short term solution is below and it works but I'm unsure if its a correct way of doing things

ok = val.set(colorname: $('#new_video_url').val())
if ok
  @collection.create colorname: val.get("colorname");


class Crayons.Collections.Colors extends Backbone.Collection
  url: '/api/videos'
  model: new Crayons.Models.Color()
  validate: (attrs) ->
    if attrs.colorname.length == 0 
      return "colorname can't be empty"

Correct way The validate function should be in the model and function that alerts the error should be initialized on the model.

class Crayons.Models.Color extends Backbone.Model
  initialize: -> 
    this.bind("error", @errorHandling)

  errorHandling: (model, event) ->

  validate: (attrs) ->
    #your error validation goes here

Now the method in index is quite simple

  createCrayonId: (event) ->
    @collection.create colorname: $('#new_color_name').val()
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is your collection a collection of colors or something else? – Tom Tu Feb 23 '12 at 7:54
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Your validation triggers for the color model but not for the collection model. So if you wanted to do it the clean way you should add a validation for the collection model to check if colorId is valid, same in the update with videoid.

You can set a model property of a collection and the when creating/saving a collection model it will use this model's validation to determine if it should create/save the model or not

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I've tried doing that in update2 but I think I'm not setting the model correctly on the collection and as a result the application doesn't load. can you please suggest how to set the model in a collection? – Omnipresent Feb 23 '12 at 12:29
dont use new when setting model property - you should just pass a reference to the constructor so Crayons.Models.Color is enough – Tom Tu Feb 23 '12 at 13:28
ah and Collections dont have a validate method - model validation is used when saving/creating collection models – Tom Tu Feb 23 '12 at 13:30
schweet. got it. updated the answer with more info. thanks for help – Omnipresent Feb 23 '12 at 14:48
happy to help :) – Tom Tu Feb 23 '12 at 15:44

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