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How can I setup a crontab to execute the PHP file every x amount of time?

I have set chmod +x on my PHP file.

My crontab line:

*/1 * * * * /usr/home/godd/test.php

... so it should run every one minute, but it doesn't.

I have also added this line to the top of the PHP file:


But it still not working, any solutions?

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cron doesn't automatically pick up the cronfile, did you do something like:

crontab cronfile

use crontab -l to see what cron thinks it needs to run.

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... thats indeed I have used crontab -e. – Cyclone Feb 23 '12 at 14:30

Depending on your system, you may need to invoke the PHP binary like so:

*/1 * * * * php /usr/home/godd/test.php

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First, find the path to "php"

$ which php


Second, use this path in crontab:

*/1 * * * * /usr/local/bin/php /usr/local/www/essai.php

tested on freeBSD and pfsense

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