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CGI-style perl scripts are hard to test in this style:

def test_it_says_hello_to_a_person
   get '/', :name => 'Simon'
   assert last_response.body.include?('Simon')

(Note: the code is in ruby, using Rack::Test).

But if I can turn static file to a PSGI application (A code reference, accept $env as parameter, return [$status, $header, $body]), things will be easy, and Plack::Test will do the rest.

I am reading PSGI specification, generally I can see the route to this. But I still want to know is there any existence wheel to this?

Also, I think Plack::Test's interface is not as beautiful as Rack::Test, any Alternatives?

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I think you want to look at Plack::App::WrapCGI. When you give it a Perl script as an argument, it uses a technique similar to ModPerl::Registry to compile your CGI script into a PSGI app. And even if it can't figure out how to do that, it has the ability to emulate a complete CGI environment from a PSGI environment, meaning that it can fork and exec a bona fide CGI script (even one written in another language) and run it under any sort of Plack handler, including Plack::Test.

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