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I'm try to put together a bare bones robotlegs-signals project but all the samples I've seen are flex ie


 <context:SignalCafeContext contextView="{this}"/>


public class SignalCafeContext extends SignalContext
    override public function startup():void
        injector.mapSingleton.... etc etc

Is this possible to replace the mxml with another .as file - normally I would pass from the main class

context = new MyContext(this); // where this is DisplayObjectContainer

however super() takes no parameters in SignalContext so I might be missing something.

More Info:





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What you're trying would work in the current RobotLegs v.1 release (v.1.5.2). Context and its subclass SignalContext take optional params. The first param is your context view:

contextView:DisplayObjectContainer = null

Here's the SignalContext class extending Context.
Note, Context in Robotlegs 2 does not take parameters (source).

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I imagine you need to start with a actionscript project instead of a flex project in FlashBuilder first.

Yes, your right, you just extend the Context class, as you can see in the basic HelloFlash robotlegs demo

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I'm afraid this goes a fair way beyond the hello world robotlegs sample. I've built several apps using event dispatcher and robotlegs - the difference is SignalContext not Context. SignalContext accepts no parameters when you call super(). You need SignalContext to use signals not Context. So how do you create a new context from your main class using SignalContext? Remember super() accepts no parameters. –  MikeW Feb 23 '12 at 10:45

mxml tags are just shorthand for actionscript classes. So I'd imagine you could start by taking a look at the auto-generated actionscript code. There is a flash builder compiler option that will let you see this. Using that as a template, you probably can't go too far wrong.

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