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recently I meet such problem, when I use jni with android application , when the apk is built , the test.so is put in lib/armeabi/ in the apk package , when I install this apk as user application , it can run and find the library when use System.LoadLibrary() to find it . while when I install it in system/app , it can't find the library . anyone meet such kind of problem before and could you tell me how to solve this , thanks very much for any suggestions .

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This answer on the Android NDK group seems to have your answer:


In a nutshell it looks like you cannot do it because /system is mounted read-only which means that you the APK+library are installed in the factory.

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thanks Cody , I found the solution now , install my application as system application and mount /system as read-write and also put the .so in system/lib , then it can find it . thanks a lot . –  Bruce Wuu Feb 23 '12 at 6:23

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