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I am trying to create a router which will take a dynamic value and forward it to the actual route. In normal case it would be like

$route['login'] = 'auth/login';

It is possible to catch a parameter before the login in the above parameter and pass it to as the first parameter to the actual route ? like

$route['^(.+)/login$'] = "$1/user/login";
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Check out the documentation[docs]. There is a very easy way to do this.

$route['(:any)/login'] = '$1/auth/login';
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Starx answer is correct but I wouldn't do that, as your first param will be your controller, and if you don't know what's in the dynamic value that's impossible to manage.

I would do :

$route['(:any)/login'] = 'user/login/$1';

This way, 'anything/login' would be redirected to your User controller, to the Login function with the parameter 'anything'.

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though your thinking is right, but as he asked for the case and with his question I am assuming that he might be developing some portal kind of thing, in which he would have dynamically get the controller and login to it, he uses it or not I got the idea and I really liked it. – Junaid Feb 28 '12 at 10:27
@Junaid, is right, and starx's answer is correct. – mrN Mar 18 '12 at 10:18

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