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How to validate edittext field so that it should not accept alphabets when entered and it should accept only numbers? I have written the code for empty edittext...i.e if nothing is entered in the editetext an alert will be raised. But how to make my edittext to accept only numbers and not alphabets? Help me regarding this....Will be thankful to you...

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set the InputType as number to your EditField to accept only number

For Example


                android:singleLine="true" />
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You Simply need to use Input Type as Numeric in your xml file just like below

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Use android:inputType="number" in the declaration of the EditText. This will simply disallow entry of anything other than numbers by displaying a numeric keypad.

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You Can use regularexpressions

   if (!Pattern.matches("^[0-9 ]*$", s))

       et.setError("Allow only Numerics");


or u specify


for your edittext in ur xml file

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use this in your edittext :

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