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It seems that this should be simple, but I'm having trouble figuring out how to construct a selector that will return only elements that are a direct child of a root node.

If, for example, I have a reference to a div (myDiv), and I want to select only images that are direct children of that div, the following doesn't work:

jQuery("div > img", myDiv);

The "div" in the selector doesn't seem to match the root of the context, only descendants, and without a selector that will give me the root, I can't use ">". Any other ideas on how to select a direct child of a context root?

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You shouldn't repeat the div tag:

jQuery("> img",myDiv);
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cool. thought I tried that, but guess I didn't. Seems to work. Thanks! –  morgancodes Jun 2 '09 at 18:37

If you want only direct descendents, you want children.


or, if it's a jquery object...


or, if not, you can also do...

jQuery('>img', myDiv)
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if mydiv is a reference to a jQuery object



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