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I'm trying to instal sbt based project to local maven repository. I have tried commands:

  • "sbt publish" - require repository credentials
  • "sbt publish-local" install to .ivy repositry, but I need maven!

How can I do such operation in terms of SBT?

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The SBT wiki has the goods. Just define the repo (look for "Publishing to the users local maven repository" on the linked page) and invoke "publish".

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Using SBT 0.13 and without editing the project source files:

  • Create (or edit) a global.sbt file in ~/.sbt/0.13:

    vim ~/.sbt/0.13/global.sbt

  • Add the following line:

    publishTo := Some(Resolver.file("file", new File(Path.userHome.absolutePath+"/.m2/repository")))

  • Save and close the file

  • Run sbt publish from the project folder
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"Error running deliver: java.lang.RuntimeException: Repository to publish to not specified." – Soid Sep 11 '15 at 23:10

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