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I calculate the argument \theta of sin (angle in matlab) of complex numbers and plot it over energy (loop).
The problem is that by calculating the angle there are branch cut and the plot is discontinuous. How can I make my plot as if there were not any jumps? Please don't tell me to use the command unwrap because it does not help! Below is my code, it is very simple and readable:

Emin=0.1; % min value of energy interval
Emax=2;   % max value of energy interval
N = 10; %size of matrix A
NE=100; % no. of points on the energy interval
DE = (Emax-Emin)/(NE-1); % the increment of the interval
Evalues = zeros(NE,1);
ZP= Evalues;
A = zeros(N); %create NxN complex matrix A, this matrix is just an example 
for IE=1:NE       %start loop over energy
    E = Emin+DE*(IE-1); % the energy
    A = 2+i*magic(N)+0.5;
    A = A*E^(2.3);       % matrix A now depends on E
    eigA = eig(A); % N complex eigenvalues of A
    absA = abs(eigA); %take the abs of the eigenvalues
    argA = angle(eigA); % take the argument of the eigenvalues, cause branch cut!
    Z = (argA/2);
    ZP(IE) = prod(Z); % the product has only real values 
end               % end loop over energy
grid on;
outmat = [Evalues ZP]; % concatenation data to a matrix NExNE for saving
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Do you have any NaN values in the vectors you are plotting? They may cause cuts. You can remove them with x(isnan(x))=[]; With the test data I don't see any problems. –  yuk Feb 23 '12 at 7:13
HI yuk, I dont have any NaN values at all –  bill Feb 23 '12 at 13:53
@user1091340, what is this branch cut? I see no problems with your script's output. Even when I change matrix A it looks fine. –  macduff Feb 23 '12 at 15:28
the discontinuity flip in y axis. mathematicaly the atan is multivalued and has a branch cut –  bill Feb 24 '12 at 7:54

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