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I am storing two XML documents, namely hospital and office, in BaseX.

The following is the office xml:

    <Employee Name="Brian">
            <SSN> 666-66-6666 </SSN>
            <Position> Doctor </Position>
            <AccountableTo> David </AccountableTo>
    <Employee Name="David">
            <SSN> 555-55-5555 </SSN>
            <Position> Doctor </Position>
            <AccountableTo />

In this XML I want to add one or more employees. How can I add elements using BaseX?

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XQuery has an update facility, an official W3C recommendation, called XQuery Update to change the document structure.

You can use updates like so:

Given you have created a database employees, with the commmand:

CREATE DB office /path/to/office.xml

Now you may use the XQuery Update facility and run the following query:

let $up := <Employee Name="Joe">

insert node $up as last into doc('office')/Staff

This will ad the node referenced by $up at the last position in your database staff

The BaseX Documentation Wiki contains more information on updates:

There is a good tutorial, XQuery Update for the impatient provided by

Sure enough you can use the APIs to issue these queries, for a start I'd suggest you stick with GUI, so you can see results directly.

Hope this helped, feel free to ask for more information; either here or on the official BaseX Mailing List.

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Thanks for the information let me try and implement with the help of the information provided by Michael,.. – Sadesh Kumar N Feb 23 '12 at 14:37

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