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I wonder what is the best way to deal with 3 levels deep and deeper of nested forms on controller

An Example:

Shop Controller

def new
   @user = current_user
   @shop = @user.build_shop
   @type = @shop.build_type

def create
   @user = current_user
   @shop = @user.build_shop(params[:shop])
   @type = shop.build_type(params[:type])
   if  @shop.save     
     flash.now[:success] = "blah"
     render :show
    render  :new 
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If accepts_nested_attributes_for is getting unwieldy, your build methods are really your only other option without doing a deeper refactor of your code.

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I recommend you read up on ActiveRecord's accepts_nested_attributes_for method. It will eliminate the need for all of your build_...(...) methods in most all cases, and works beautifully with nested forms.

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Agree with Deefour here, but the Rails world is replete with warnings about doing nested attributes more than two levels deep. Would recommend that you do a lot of googling on deeply nested models in Rails before you go too far. –  Don Feb 23 '12 at 7:32
yeah i agree with you man, but sometimes you have to left out the elegancy that do not work to any solution that works. –  dcalixto Feb 23 '12 at 8:31

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