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I know that I can create this JSON:

        "Title": "Something",
        "Price": "234",
        "Product_Type": "dsf sf"
        "Title": "hskiuea",
        "Price": "4234",
        "Product_Type": "sdawer"

*It uses the values obtained from text inputs contained within an element with the class "newpappend" - As shown below

Using the following code which obtains values from my HTML:

var jsonObj = []; //declare array

$(".newpappened").each(function () {

    var p_title = $(this).find('#p_title').val();
    var p_price = $(this).find('#p_price').val();
    var p_ptype = $(this).find('#p_ptype').val();

    jsonObj.push({Title: p_title, Price: p_price, Product_Type: p_ptype});

But, my goal is to end up with the JSON structured like this:

    "Product_List": {
        "Product": [
                "Title": "asdf",
                "Price": "53",
                "Product_Type": "Adfsdf"
                "Title": "asgsd",
                "Price": "123",
                "Product_Type": "Ntohig"

Basically, I am struggling with the correct Javascript to use to reach my goal

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You are really close. Start with what you have, and then later:

var output = {
    "Product_List": {
        "Product": jsonObj
// output is now what you are looking for.
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Wow that is very simple. Thank you for the fast, easy, and nice answer :) –  TaylorMac Feb 23 '12 at 5:51
Will accept in 5 –  TaylorMac Feb 23 '12 at 5:51
And then JSON.stringify(output) if you actually want JSON and not an object... –  nnnnnn Feb 23 '12 at 6:05

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