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Hello my WinForm application has a textbox that will be used for a time value. I know how to load like the current time into the textbox, but say when a user enters a value, what is the best way to validate or format the number so I can attempt to Convert it to a TimeDate value?

Example: User enters something like 800 should be able to be converted to 8:00am or 2354 should be 11:54pm. Also if they enter an invalid time, like 9cdf83 or something, I need to check that this value is convertable to a time. If not, throw a warning. Is there a way to display a system clock to choose the time from like the dateTimePicker?

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For things like date and time which u want user to enter best is to use DateTimePicker bcoz n number of users will have n number of ideas to fill it. u can't go on checking each and every option.

Instead DateTimePicker will make user to enter through it only.

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okay do you know of a good way to get this to show for a datagridview cell enter event so that it appears, the user clicks on the desired value, and the dataTimePicker.Value is entered into the clicked cell? –  ikathegreat Feb 23 '12 at 6:42

you can place the textbox and a label beside it specifying the format like 8:00 AM and for validating it you can use custom validation and use a suitable regular expression as required for the validator and attach it to textbox.

But For conversion I thing you will have to code and check its validity.

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