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I receiving dates in the USA standard format mm/dd/yy.

I can upload to MySQL only in the format of yyyy-MM-dd.

How can you convert mm/dd/yy format to yyyy-MM-dd format in C#?

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You could parse it and then format it. (DateTime.ParseExact, DateTime.ToString)

However, you shouldn't have to reformat for MySQL's benefit, and it suggests your database access is inappropriate:

  • Your database column should be a DATETIME column or something similar, if you're storing dates in it
  • Your database code shouldn't be including the value as a string at all. It should be passing it as a parameter with a DateTime value

So using parameterized SQL, you should just need to parse (e.g. using DateTime.ParseExact), then pass it up as a DateTime:

DateTime date = DateTime.ParseExact(text, "mm/dd/yy",
command.Parameters.Add("@Foo", MySqlDbType.DateTime).Value = date;
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You can use MySQLs STR_TO_DATE(str,format) function.
Or you can use string formatting in c#

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Something like this should work:

DateTime dt = Convert.ToDateTime(dateString);
string newDateString = dt.ToString("yyyy-MM-dd"); 
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I wouldn't use Convert.ToDateTime when we know the exact format. DateTime.ParseExact is more appropriate here IMO. –  Jon Skeet Feb 23 '12 at 6:40
Thanks it works.. –  Rahul Feb 23 '12 at 6:42
@Rahul: Neither part of this answer is ideal though. Using Convert.ToDateTime puts you at the mercy of the local system culture, and as I explain in my answer you shouldn't need to convert to a "MySQL-formatted" string at all. –  Jon Skeet Feb 23 '12 at 6:58

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