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I'm using a JList to hold chat data for my chat program.
It uses a custom list renderer to render a custom JPanel object as the element type.
This JPanel contains two JLabels (anchored to the top, for name and time), and a JTextArea (anchored to the bottom, for chat message).

It looks like this:

a pic1

Everything works great, but I want to add a hide/show feature.
Using a previously programmed PopupMenu handler, I have a popup appear when you right click on an element.

a pic2

When you click hide (or show, it's a toggle) then it should minimize the element like so...

a pic3

The only problem is... it doesn't update the JList cell size as you can see the large empty region where the text used to be.
However, when I type another message...

a pic4

The JList fixes the cell size completing the 'hide' operation.
My question is how do you get the JList to revalidate/repaint/etc programmatically.
And don't think I haven't tried all the obvious solutions...

public void setHidden(boolean hidden) {
    // this is in the custom JPanel class
    System.out.println("Initial: " + this.getPreferredSize());

    // TextArea is the JTextArea which we set invisible when we want to hide it.
    TextArea.setVisible(!hidden); // TextArea is a variable btw

    System.out.println("After: " + this.getPreferredSize());

 * This is what the above printlns show when you hide, then show the element.
 * Initial: java.awt.Dimension[width=176,height=38]
 * After: java.awt.Dimension[width=176,height=20]
 * Initial: java.awt.Dimension[width=176,height=20]
 * After: java.awt.Dimension[width=176,height=38]

public void revalidate() {
    // container.revalidate() ^^^
    // list is the list containing the chat elements

The custom JPanel class uses a GroupLayout to render the components.
Do you guys have any knowledge on how to programmically cause a JList to revalidate its cell sizes?
... besides the methods that I've posted? :)

After searching method after method and testing if they would solve my problem, I found that executing this code after a hide/show operation would cause the cell height (and width) to be recalculated and without any unwanted visual 'flicker' of the JList.

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please learn java naming conventions and stick to them –  kleopatra Feb 23 '12 at 9:55
I know the java naming convention, I just like to have my swing variables upper case. But I don't always follow that either... –  Bradley Odell Feb 23 '12 at 21:38
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2 Answers

Without seeing any code, I can only guess: the most probable reason is that you're doing the hide under the feet of the list, that is without its model notifying its listeners. The list's ui delegate caches the cell size deep inside, which is cleared on receiving ListEvents

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You think I'm right-clicking and hiding the element with my cursor physically below the JList? All that happens when I 'hide' the element is the JTextArea (which holds the chat message) being set invisible. So when it's visibility is changed, I need to JList to recalculate its cell size for that element. –  Bradley Odell Feb 23 '12 at 21:50
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This is job for JTable with two Columns (Chat and Boolean) in the TableModel and with visible Chat Column only, the trick is by using by implement RowFilter where you set as parameter to the second column only String "false" (Object in the JTable with Boolean is possible filtering with returns value in the String "true" / "false")

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Your grammer makes your answer hardly understandable. How will this JTable fix the cell resizing? And you have to remember I'm using a custom cell renderer to render this JList. It wouldn't display what it does without it. –  Bradley Odell Feb 23 '12 at 21:47
@Bradley Odell please read tutorial JList about Model (there are data stored) and View and its renderering, not never don't use invalidate() –  mKorbel Feb 23 '12 at 22:18
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