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Does anyone know how to change the line height (leading) on a textfield, preferably in Interface Builder?

I have been searching for this for about an hour but I can't find it.

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You might be able to do this in IB by choose the NSTextField and then opening the font panel. I believe it has a setting for leading.

Failing that, you can do it in code by applying an NSParagraphStyle using the lineSpacing property.

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Thanks for you answer, I didn't find the setting in the font panel, I will check if it works later today! If it works I will accept your answer! Thanks! –  Jankeesvw Feb 23 '12 at 7:48

A workaround is here:

Resizing NSTextField within Xcode 4 to fit default font?

(it is the OP that answers his own question :) ).

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