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Possible Duplicate:
Understand the R class in Android

I cant understand why use 'R' Class in android application.


Can explain why use R used here.

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There are n number of similar questions – Seshu Vinay Feb 23 '12 at 8:41
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Your question is duplicate of Understand the R class in Android

When your application is compiled, aapt generates the R class, which contains resource IDs for all the resources in your res/ directory. For each type of resource, there is an R subclass (for example, R.drawable for all drawable resources) and for each resource of that type, there is a static integer (for example, R.drawable.icon). This integer is the resource ID that you can use to retrieve your resource.

I got this detail from the below link ,check this once for more details :

share|improve this answer which is Automatically System generated file it contains the id of each resources used in Application which is used to make refrence.

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R.class contains IDs for all your android resources.

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You can find more info here:

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R.class holds reference for all your android resources.. without which you cannot access any resources (drawable, layout, xmls etc) And R.class is Autogenerated.

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R is the class that contains all the resource ids for your application.

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Its a resource class, contains ID for for all resources. Here you can also use

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