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I currently have a bunch of inline-block divs stacked up horizontally. When the container is full, they spill over nicely into the next row: enter image description here

Is it possible to do the same thing vertically, without changing the HTML? enter image description here

To generate this picture, I had to move each column into a container div. I can't modify the source HTML, so this isn't an option.


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Alas, to my knowledge this is not possible with pure CSS and HTML. I do know there is a jQuery plugin Masonry that does this quite nicely though.

Using CSS3's Multi-column Layout Mode you can achieve the question's layout (though it won't have as many options as abovementioned masonry). IE support is from 10 and up I think, and you may need some browser prefixes. The non-prefixed version would look something like this (on your container):

column-count: 3;
column-gap: 10px;
width: 480px;

The above was adapted from this blogpost that links to this demo (though there are others too).

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awesome, thanks! – benesch Feb 23 '12 at 19:14

Depending on browser support you could use column-count.

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