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I use safe navigation operator to avoid NPEs like this


To convert the code above in for loop i wrote

<g:each var="i" in="${ (1..<4 }">

How do I use the safe navigation operator on above code when I am retrieving values in hashmap format?
I looked into docs here but it does not have a similar example.

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I would use this syntax:

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This worked, but is there a guide line on when to use single quotes and when to use double? I use them interchangeably but in this case only double quotes worked! – Sap Feb 23 '12 at 19:09
Double quotes work because along with the embedded expression ($i) it makes a GString, and there's special handling to get a property or invoke a method dynamically this way. – Burt Beckwith Feb 23 '12 at 19:49
Thanks Burt... I have found a whole new way of learning:) – Sap Feb 26 '12 at 6:18

You could do:

<g:each var="i" in="${ (1..<4 }">

Or, probably better (and neater in your code) would be to make this a tag and do it as you would above inside the pure groovy tag.

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