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We have encountered an issue as below we don't know if the problem are: 1.socket reading from database is too long that reach the StuckThreadMaxTime 600s 2.database query is running too long 2.locking on database or other objects

any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thread-36 "[STUCK] ExecuteThread: '3' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)'" { Source) Source)$StatementExecutionRequest.executeStatement(Unknown Source) Source) Source)

^-- Holding lock:[thin lock] Source) Source) weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionEnv.cleanUpStatementForReUse( weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionEnv.returnCachedStatement( ^-- Holding lock: weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionEnv$1@41f2d97[thin lock] weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.Statement.internalClose( weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.Statement.doClose( weblogic.jdbc.wrapper.Statement.close( com.riskintegrator.infrastructure.database.DBConnector.getConnection( ^-- Holding lock: com.riskintegrator.infrastructure.database.DBConnector@1fda7d8[thin lock] com.riskintegrator.infrastructure.database.DBConnector.( com.riskintegrator.slsb.BaseSessionBean.populateFormWithPreparedStatement( com.riskintegrator.slsb.BaseSession_6uq9n4_EOImpl.populateFormWithPreparedStatement( com.riskintegrator.slsb.BaseSessionDelegate.populateFormWithPreparedStatement( com.riskintegrator.slsb.setup.SeverityBandBD.selectByValue( com.riskintegrator.slsb.ScheduledBatchBean.executeJob( com.riskintegrator.slsb.ScheduledBatchBean.executeDailyRunOnce( com.riskintegrator.slsb.ScheduledBatchBean.ejbTimeout( weblogic.ejb.container.timer.TimerImpl.timerExpired(

^-- Holding lock: weblogic.ejb.container.timer.TimerImpl@12c8e34[thin lock]$

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The thread dump shows that the thread has been stuck for longer than 600 seconds (10 mins) while receiving back data from the SQL Server.

In my prev experience this can be either a long running DB query or an intermittent connectivity failure between Weblogic and the database leaving the socket in a state of limbo.

Is this a one-off or is the same stacktrace is available on other stuck threads as well - at the same line ? If it is, then there are chances you need to review the DB query with SQL Query Analyzer or it's equivalent in MS-SQL

If it's a one-off it could be the network issue

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