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I have this label:

<label id="options_31409_3label" for="options_31409_3"><span>some text</span></label>

As you see, there is some text in the label inside a span. Now I also have a radio button, which is left of the label:

<input id="options_31409_3" class="radio" type="radio" value="72058" name="options[31409]" onclick="xyz()">...</input>

This is one radio and one label, but I have several radio buttons and labels on the same site. Now from those N labels and radio buttons I have to identify one pair and do some Prototype stuff with it. The pair has a different id each time the site is loaded, the only thing that stays is the text inside the span. Is there a way to get the label and the radiobutton if there is "some text" inside the span? I can use Prototype if that helps.


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Because you know that label's id consists of input's id + 'label', you can use e.g. the following code to find a pair:

    var input = this;
    var label = $(this.id + 'label');
    // do something for input and label
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The labels for attribute, if used correctly, should have the same value as the inputs id attribute. So, you can easily find out which label belongs to which input like this:

$$('label').each(function () {
    var label = this;
    var input = document.getElementById(label.getAttribute('for'));
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I would choose to improve jholser's snippet to work with all labels, not just those that have 'label' in their ID.

    // Several labels may link to the same input
    $$('label[for="' + input.identify() + '"]').each(function(label)
        // do something for input and label
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