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I have code like this:

//build query
var shops = (from p in dataContext.shops
let distance = dataContext.GetDistance(, p.lon, nearlat,nearlon)
                     join c in dataContext.shops_category on equals c.poi_id
                     select new ShopsModel { p = p, distance = distance }
//add dynamic orderby

//get records.
return shop.Take(30).ToList()

It's works fine except OrderBy. Generated SQL code does not contains orderby clause and the records are not sorted.

Any Idea? Thanks for help.

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OrderBy does not mutate the underlying data - it returns an enumerable with the appropriate ordering. You need to assign the result back to shops:

if (someCondition) 
  shops = shops.OrderBy(shop => shop.distance);
  shops = shops.OrderBy(shop =>;
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try this:

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