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class   Town        (models.Model):
    name        = models.CharField  (max_length     = 150,
                                     verbose_name   = _("Human settlement name"),
    ref_town    = models.ForeignKey  ('self',
                                     blank          = True,
                                     null           = True,
                                     verbose_name   = _("Superior human settlement"),
                                     help_text      = _("Superior human settlement name (for subordinate settlements)"),
class   CoalMine    (models.Model):
    name        = models.CharField  (max_length     = 150,
                                     verbose_name   = _("Coal mine"),
                                     help_text      = _("Coal mine name"))
    town        = models.ForeignKey (Town,
                                     default        = 1,
                                     verbose_name   = _("town"))

I have a lot of towns im my data and I need to filter those which are unrelated with coal mines. Is there any solution?

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Since Django 1.3 you can override SimpleListFilter to get it to do what you want.

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I know but I cannot find a way how to filter needed records. –  user1227888 Feb 23 '12 at 10:13

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