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i use centos 5.4 ,the default python version is python2.4,so i use the python2.6.2.tar.gz compile a python 2.6 version

and now i want to intstall board review project it need install python-devel package,if i use yum install python-devel,it will install the python2.4 relevent version python-devel,

how could i get a python2.6 version devel package install?

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If you enable the EPEL repo, you can install python 2.6 and the devel headers using yum:

# yum install python26
# yum install python26-devel

These packages won't then conflict with the python 2.4 ones.

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Looks like it is more system administration than it should be required. Here are some helpful pointers:

  1. http://blog.milford.io/2010/08/new-method-for-installing-python-2-6-4-with-mysql-python-on-centos-5-5/
  2. How to install python2.6-devel package under CentOs 5

However, if you are just installing reviewboard software, you can go to http://www.python.org download the package, do a ./configure, make and make altinstall to a local version and then point that interpreter to your reviewboard download's setup.py file.

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First link is broken. –  kracekumar May 4 '14 at 7:31

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